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The MustangZ are a unique rock 'n' roll band based in the North West of England (Cumbria) with their own take on rock n roll with a rockabilly, 'popabilly' twist.  Classic rock n roll is a must... a passion, but thinking  outside the box & creating arrangements of pop, rock, blues & well… most genres of music really & ‘Mustangin’ them up!

Miss Dee on the Dog House Double Bass (big violin!) & vocals with unstoppable energy, tricks & stage presence.

Georgie Twangin' n’ Croonin’ on guitar & vocals. Oozing authenticity, swagger & always with the gift of the gab.

'Poppin' Papaleo’ Crashin' & Bangin' rocking beats, show stopping drum solos and if you're lucky he'll play your head.

The A Team of musicianship & talent influenced by many genres of music… as a result every song is a master class of how to party…rock n roll style!


The band as a whole has a wealth of experience playing locally, nationally and internationally.

With over 50 years’ experience of performance between them. A friendly, professional band with a pure focus for ensuring there is something for every audience,  young or young at heart! For the Ultimate Party a good mixture of dance floor fillers and classics.

The band is committed to providing the highest quality performance. This includes Sound PA equipment, lighting, song choice and attention to detail in both arrangement and execution. If we're not completely happy with a song it doesn’t make it into the set!

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